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About Us

Here at Alpha German Shepherds, we are a small breeder and we deal with only the best quality German Shepherds.  If you love the breed, as we do, then you'll appreciate the care, dedication and "labor of love" that goes into selectively breeding and raising these magnificent dogs. 

We believe to raise a well rounded German Shepherd, you must spend time with each puppy to make sure they will be a friendly companion.  All of our Shepherds, both adults and puppies, are raised indoors and never kept in a kennel.  Our German Shepherd puppies are handled many times a day so that your new puppy will be well socialized.   Alpha German Shepherds strives to produce German Shepherd puppies that are strikingly beautiful, highly intelligent and well socialized, with excellent and predictable temperament, everything a quality German Shepherd should be. The end results are beautiful, intelligent, spunky, well adjusted, happy and healthy German Shepherd puppies.  

Our goal is to breed superior German Shepherds that come from Championship lines. We breed for type, temperament, beauty, intelligence and trainability. We are dedicated to producing quality German Shepherd puppies.  Our purebred puppies are stunning and of the finest pedigree. The pedigree of your new puppy is very important.  We always include the AKC pedigree certificate of your puppy through 3 generations.  The Championship lines of our German Shepherds over the last several generations include World Champions placing in the top of their field at the prestigious German Sieger World Championships.  Each year the show’s ratings are listed in the very finest VA1 ratings as a German Shepherd World Champion. The other World Class ratings include VA2 and beyond as well as in the V ratings on the pedigrees.  In the United States, there is also a separate Sieger show that awards the same type of honors on German Shepherds.  The 2012 USA Sieger show was in Indianapolis IN.  This is where VA1 Odin vom Mittelwest earned his #1 VA rating as best German Shepherd in the entire United States.  In October of 2012, Rocco vom Mittelwest earned his title of VA1 at the North American Sieger Show held at Medinah, IL.  This makes him the #1 German Shepherd in all of North America for 2012!  These are 2 examples of former stud dogs and what we strive for in looking for a stud dog. Some of the other awards, for German Shepherds, are in the Schutzhund category. Schutzhund is German for protection dog.  The SchH3 rating is the highest rating for training that a German Shepherd can have.  Lower levels of Schutzhund training are in the SchH2 and SchH1 category.  When looking for an AKC German Shepherd puppy, these titles on the pedigree are very important.

German Shepherds are known for their natural protection and loyalty to their owners. They are fearless, self assured dogs but not hostile. This breed is marked by curiosity, a willingness to learn and an eagerness to please their owners.   Due to their loyal nature German Shepherd puppies bond well with even the youngest of children.  Your new gorgeous purebred German Shepherd puppy will be a perfect addition to a loving family. The German Shepherd breed is also known for being excellent therapy dogs and seeing-eye dogs.  They are also used as police dogs, security dogs, protection dogs, as well as drug sniffing dogs.  With the intelligence of this breed, the training possibilities are almost endless.

We recommend training beginning from the time you get your puppy in order to best understand and manage your dog.  There are usually dog training clubs in nearly every city to help you train your newest friend. The German Shepherd breed is highly obedient, but due to the strong willed nature of the breed, must be trained by a firm hand. Our goal is to provide intelligent, highly trainable German Shepherd puppies that meet the needs of you and your family, whatever that may be.

Our German Shepherd puppies are sold with their first puppy shots.  We have a written statement for your puppy from the veterinarian’s health checkup and have given your new puppy their first de-worming treatments.  We will give you the pedigree of your puppy through 3 generations.  We provide you with the AKC full registration papers and a puppy pamphlet from the AKC with information to help you get started with your new puppy.  We also provide a written hip and health guarantee for your new puppy as well as pictures of the parents.

You will be delighted in the purchase of your new German Shepherd puppy.  Besides their sweet and loving nature, you will enjoy the love and unconditional acceptance your new companion brings to you every time you greet him or her.  For years to come your German Shepherd will be an asset to you and your whole family.

We are located in Appleton Wisconsin and you will find our German Shepherds in many states across the country.

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Alpha German Shepherds   About Us   History of the GSD   Our Females   Male Stud   Puppies Available   Planned Litter   Contact Us   Testimonials 

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